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Our products are :

elaborer par des barbiers produit d'origine naturelle fabrique en france

We take the time to make things right

We draw on our heritage as a French hairdresser and barber and select simple, healthy, natural ingredients that have proven their worth over the centuries.

Opinions of pros

Melissa •  Crystal Blade Barber Shop

Very pleasant to use products for beard and hair, of very high quality made in France and 100% natural, with refined fragrances with subtle notes of yesteryear. I recommend these products to all my customers and have received nothing but positive feedback. A range of products for barbers and bearded men created by passionate barbers, don’t hesitate, these are the products you need!

Yann •  Les Mâitres Barbiers

A brand 100% made in France, with a real masculine identity. Handcrafted and local production, natural and quality ingredients! What can we say about the wide choice which is adaptable to all skin and hair types for results that are just right for you. The real question is : “can we really do better ?

Valérie •  Cut & Clothes

No more endless packaging with skulls or flames. This is class, good taste and refinement. And then what a pleasure to discover that these are “Made in FRANCE” products with the scents of yesteryear and textures that are pleasant to work with and all this without getting lost in a range with hundreds of references. They go to the essential and that … we love and so do our customers.

Barber & Hairdresser

Hervé Boibessot and his entire team practice their trade like an art, drawing on the gestures and techniques of the barbers of yesteryear.

By appointment from Monday to Friday with the CODVID19 protocol of hygiene and distancing 2 barbers available/present per day without an appointment via lineberty from Monday to Saturday.


Cutting from 30€

Beard size from 15€ onward

COVID-19 Announcement.

↔️Our barbershop services are now being provided from Monday to Saturday following a strict protocol of hygiene and social distancing for our staff and customers’ safety while maintaining your comfort.

Tonsor & Cie Journal

Shampooing cheveux Tonsor & Cie.

la gamme cosmétique pour hommes Tonsor & Cie s’étoffe

Protocole Covid 19 élaboré pour notre barbershop

Nous sommes heureux de vous annoncer la réouverture du barbershop de Tonsor & Cie. Pour répondre aux questions que vous pourriez légitimement vous poser, vous trouverez dans cet article l’ensemble du protocole COVID 19 que les barbiers de Tonsor & Cie appliquent scrupuleusement. En ce qui concerne la désinfection des outils et le nettoyage des […]

Le bon rituel pour votre barbe

Shampoing, brossage, coup de peigne, huile ou baume, nous allons ici détailler “Le bon rituel pour votre barbe”qu’Hervé Boibessot (Maître Coiffeur Barbier chez Tonsor & Cie) a élaboré pour vous.

Tonsor & Cie Pros

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You are a Hairdresser, Barber or a Men’s Concept-Store…you wish to share the universe of Tonsor & Cie.

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Wheels & Waves 

by Tonsor & Cie

Découvrez notre collaboration avec le Wheels & Waves

Nous sommes fiers d’avoir créé en exclusivité pour le Wheels & Waves une collection capsule hors série, illustrée avec brio par notre ami et talentueux artiste et illustrateur : Sylvain PLANTIER @sylvaindessinebien