Three Animals « Always keep it with love »

Ming Ying, a Chinese designer living in France, launched in 2011, the brand “Three Animals”, specializing in men’s ready-to-wear.

“Three Animals” is not a randomly chosen name, it brings together three animals: the elephant, the camel and the goat, emblems of the brand and beautifully captured on its logo, each of them symbolizing: the fortune, the independence of spirit and tradition.

TRADITION, in this infinitely gifted young woman, is a value she deeply believes in and prints in all her collections.

She designs her collections in Paris, but confides their confection, to Chinese seamstresses, exercising their craft with art and passion, the only holders of ancestral techniques of sewing, dyes and traditional weavings.


And Ming claims proudly, highlighting, this artistic and cultural heritage, resulting from ancestral craftsmanship combining technicality and know-how of Chinese sewing, with an unparalleled sense of detail.

THE SPIRIT INDEPENDANCE, is manifested in this desire to produce responsibly with the use of natural materials, such as linen or organic cotton, recycled materials. Finally, the dyes used are the least harmful to the environment.

THE FORTUNE, that this young designer seeks to transmit, through its collections, to all those who still believe that tradition and modernity are sources of enrichment.


In the end, all these convictions give birth to a pointy wardrobe: refined pieces, with strong identity, that Tonsor & Co. is very proud to distribute.

We appreciate Ming for her qualities and her talent, and we are convinced that these pieces will leave no one indifferent.