Secret d’Apothicaire Room Spray “L’Apothicaire”

Secret d’Apothicaire Room Spray “L’Apothicaire” packaged in a silver-plated, 17cm tall bottle and containing 150 ml of scent.

An atmospheric fragrance with very subtle notes that harmoniously blends leather, wood, and cedar.

Created by the wonderful French label Secret d’Apothicaire.



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Secrets d’Apothicaire

A sense of style, color, and taste

The olfactory world of pharmacies, fragrance, and plant wax.

Produced in Normandy using artisanal techniques, in the great tradition of ancient remedies, Secret d’Apothicaire’s creations have evocative, poetic names such as “Retour des Indes” (Return from the Indies), Voyage à Marrakech (“Journey to Marrakech”), Souvenir d’Orient (“A Memory of the Orient”), Songe d’une Nuit d’Été (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”) and Diner aux Chandelles (“Candlelit Dinner”)

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