Pyjama Coton CLAES GÖRAN


CLAES GÖRAN cotton pajamas, 100% cotton, pajama jacket with 5 buttons closure, chest pocket, stripe finish on the collar, buttonhole and cuffs. Pajama pants with adjustable waist and a back pocket.

The pajamas are delivered in a cotton canvas pajama bag.
They are machine washable at 40ºC.

The Swedish brand Claes Goran creates elegant and comfortable pajamas, for all the followers of the traditional pajamas.

An authentic and timeless piece.

Available in oxford blue, blue stripes and red stripes



Tonsor & Cie.

Style and good manners.

Claes Göran Contemporary creator

“When entering the world of Claes Göran, you will probably forget everything you know about Scandinavian fashion”.

A passion, a commitment

Our products are created with respect, care and love for materials.

We only work with the best people we can find.

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100 % Coton


Blue, Rouge à rayures, Striped Sly Blue


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