Pendleton “Camp Enamelwar” Set


Pendleton “Camp Enamelware” set, cream color enamel sheet, the set includes one large plate, one medium plate, one bowl and one cup, packaged in a cardboard box.

This vintage-inspired camping set is ultra lightweight, practical, and attractive.

A nice gift idea for any adventurer.

Dishwasher safe.


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Pendleton, a family business for 150 years

It was in 1863 that the founder, an Englishman named Thomas L. Kay, opened his first woolen textile factory in the city of Pendleton, Oregon, in the United States. Since then, Pendleton has continued to grow, but always while retaining its authenticity.

Authenticity and quality

Pendleton has developed technical expertise over the years, often drawing inspiration from Navajo prints. Pendleton is well known for the beautiful craftsmanship of its products, which have irreproachable quality, and guaranteed beauty and longevity.

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