Kloters “Denim Chiaro Spray” Pajamas


Kloters “Denim Chiaro Spray” pajamas, bottoms made from blue chevron cotton, straight fit, welt collar, drawstring waistband, long sleeve top made from blue cotton, with buttons and a breast pocket. Stars on the collar and a crest near the top of one of the sleeves.

Kloters, an Italian brand which specializes in men’s undergarments, is always in search of the best fabrics and has here given us pajamas that are classic and relaxed at the same time, with a crest and little dashes of paint.

More than just pajamas, a veritable indoor outfit. But also, for the more daring, a summer outfit to wear during the day.




Quality materials and typically Italian style, essential for creating an exclusive and elegant product.

100% Made in Italy
For elegant men on any occasion

Each piece in this collection is designed and made entirely in Italy. They choose the best fabrics in the entire world. A constant search for perfection and originality, to reinvent pajamas and undergarments for men.

Elégance & Comfort

Kloters offers a range of completely perfect undergarments for men. The originality of high quality fabric patterns inspired by Mediterranean culture.

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L, M, S, XL


100 % Coton


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