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Tonsor & Cie uses cookies and other technologies (like web beacons) for various purposes. Cookies and other technologies make it easier for you to access our services as we have a record of each time you connect. They also provide and analyse our services and enable us to get to know our users better and to understand their interests. This notice is to inform you about how we use these technologies. It explains the types of technologies we use, why they are useful and the choices you have available.

5.1. What are cookies?

Cookies are small data files that are stored on your device when you visit and use websites and online services. They are commonly used to make websites run smoothly, to optimise web pages, to provide information and to customise services and adverts. Cookies are not the only technology used for these purposes. We also use other similar technologies. See the information below, including concrete examples, to learn more.

5.2. Why does Tonsor & Cie use cookies?

Tonsor & Cie may use different types of cookies:

Necessary cookies: these cookies are required for our website and online service to run smoothly. For example, to authenticate and identify users when they log into our website and applications so we can provide our service. These cookies also allow us to apply our Conditions of Use, to prevent fraud and to ensure that our service remains secure.

Performance and functionality cookies: these cookies are not essential but do help us personalise and improve your online experience. For example, they enable us to store your preferences and stop you having to re-enter information you have already given us (such as when you register). We also use this type of cookie to collect data on how visitors are using the service (such as popular pages, conversion rates, viewing habits and click-through rates). This helps us to improve and personalise our website and services and to carry out market studies. If these cookies are removed, the features of our service may not all work as intended.

Advertising cookies: these cookies store information about your visits to our website and other websites, such as the pages you view, how you use our service and the way you respond to adverts and emails. They enable our advertising team to show you more relevant adverts on our website and elsewhere. One way this happens is by avoiding showing you the same advert too many times. These adverts are known as “interest-based”. Many advertising cookies involved in our service belong to service providers.

5.3. How can I choose settings for cookies and other online tracking methods?

To learn more about cookies created via our website and other online tracking methods (including where third parties collect information about your online activities over time and via online services or third-party sites which optimise targeted adverts by interest) and to choose the relevant settings, visit the “List of cookies used” section. We do not currently deal with “Do not track”-type web browser signals.

5.4. How does Tonsor & Cie use web beacons and other technologies?

Cookies are often associated with web beacons (also known as invisible GIFs or web bugs). Tonsor & Cie may use web beacons for the same purposes as cookies, such as to understand and improve how our service is used, to optimise site performance, to analyse user traffic and operations carried out on our site and to understand interaction with our marketing campaigns (including emails and online advertising on third-party sites). Because web beacons are usually associated with cookies, by refusing the latter you often make the former less effective.

We use other technologies similar to cookies like browser storage and plugins (e.g. HTML5, IndexedDB, Web SQL and Silverlight). Like cookies, some of these technologies can store small amounts of data on your device. We may use these technologies (among others) for the same purposes as cookies, including to apply our conditions, to prevent fraud and to analyse how our service is being used. You can exercise your right to choose how these technologies are used on your device. For example, the best-known browsers allow you to empty their storage, generally via Settings or Preferences. To learn more, please look at your browser’s online help or support section. You can also disable other technologies such as Silverlight storage in the application itself.

5.5. List of cookies used

Essential cookies

Name: Session ID
Cookie purpose: Site access. The cookie is retained while the user browses the site.
Agreement status: No refusal procedure

Third-party cookies

Name: Twitter
Cookie purpose: Targeted advertising, analytics/measurement, content customisation
Agreement status:

Name: Facebook Connect
Cookie purpose: Advertising server, targeted advertising, analytics/measurement, content customisation
Agreement status:

Name: OVH
Cookie purpose: Analytics/measurement, optimisation
Agreement status: No refusal procedure available

Analytics cookies

Name: Google Analytics
Cookie purpose: Targeted advertising, analytics/measurement, optimisation
Agreement status:

Advertising cookies

Name: SmartAdserver
Cookie purpose: Advertising campaign management, targeting, display limiting
Agreement status:



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