17/12/16 Dit Cheyenne at Tonsor & Cie

Always attentive to art in all its forms, Tonsor & Cie wanted to go further in its collaboration with artist and tattoo artist Dit Cheyenne.

We therefore asked to appropriate the central wall of the Social Club Tonsor & Co. to give free rein to his artistic talent.

The artist will end her “live” creation on Saturday, December 17, an opportunity to see her in full work and exchange with her.

This creation will come to dress the central wall of the Social Club of Tonsor & Cie for the next months before making room for another artist.


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To know more about Dit Cheyenne and Tonsor & Cie

Dit Cheyenne: “My name is Dit Cheyenne, I am 33 years old and a native of Toulouse. For now I live between Israel and India, and I will travel in different countries of different continents all along this year .

My drawings are a reflection of my own life, experiences that push me forward. I learn every day. I work in black and white so I can focus on every detail. Each drawing is constructed, each drawing is thought, each drawing is felt.

I receive my inspiration from Nature which is a source of great and inexhaustible inspiration. If you just take a closer look, you’ll find all the answers. Rules, problems, solutions, shapes, colors, rhythms. Everything is represented within Nature.

I am also fascinated by all forms of Science. Science is the means for humans to quantify Nature. Today we do not (or rarely) reinvent more but we have learned to combine all our knowledge to create new forms of art.

The Occult and Spiritual dimension is also present in my work. I want to combine the rational and the irrational and share my vision of life.

My lifestyle is based on freedom of movement and spirit, it will give you an understanding of yourself and your work will become incomparable.

Want to see more of my work, come visit my Facebook page: Dit Cheyenne ∆